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Home Video Surveillance System in Surrey

The fully automated security cameras are the easiest option to choose for keeping your property safe and catching burglars. Even if you are not at home, our automated system is there to look after your property's security. Although video surveillance system Surrey might not be a new concept, our advanced technology makes it a piece of necessary equipment for your home.

How Does An Automated Security Camera Work?

Why do we keep suggesting you install the fully automated security system at your place? That is because it gives you the power of accessing every corner of your home even when you are not around.

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In addition, understanding this system's functionality can help you know more about its detailed features. The wireless cameras primarily work by transmitting the video through RF or radio transmitters.

You are the receiver who can see the video that passes to your device through cloud storage or in-built storage. In any case, you need to link it to your monitor to save these clips for later use. We offer you five standard automated security functions, which are:

Scheduled Recording

One of the reasons our security cameras are ideal for your property is that they offer you scheduled recording. That means you get to control the system's recording schedule as per your requirements.

You can easily schedule the video surveillance system Surrey aside from monitoring the received video clips due to any alarm or motion detection. The system will automatically record and notify you as per your chosen schedule.

It is a safety feature that helps you provide ultimate security to your house. Whether you want to monitor your kids remotely or keep an eye on your babysitter, you can easily do it with our security cameras.

Wireless Technology

We never intend to increase obtrusive wiring in your house. So, we offer you the safest security camera services with wireless technology. You can install this system hassle-free with no wires to alert the intruders, whether outdoors or in. Also, you can constantly monitor the activities happening on your property as the system will transmit strong signals even if the power gets off.

Motion Detectors

Our security cameras work with motion sensor technology that helps you save energy. But we never compromise with the functionality of the system. So, even being highly energy-efficient, it still keeps your property protected.

You can also use pan-and-tilt cameras that automatically point themselves towards the direction of any motion. And home video surveillance system Surrey will instantly record the movements and send the signals to your receiving device.

Cloud Storage

Another useful feature to know about is the cloud storage option. It is one of the system's critical components that help you to transfer the media files to the cloud storage automatically. Moreover, it is a highly convenient option for you as you can access these clips from anywhere, at any time, with your account registered with us.

Remote Access/Control

It might be the last feature on this list, but you need to know a little more than a mere introduction. To start with this feature, our wireless home video surveillance system Surrey is an appropriate option for you as it gives you remote control.

As you already have guessed, remote control means having steady control over the entire household and the installed system. You have the authority to modify, record, delete and manage the whole security system with your smart devices almost from anywhere.

And the best aspect of security camera services is that you never again have to worry about theft or burglary as complete security is in your control. So, whether it is a night out with your friends or an office meeting, you can leave your kids and older adults at home without worries.