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The primary concern you will forever have for your family is their safety. No matter how many systems you install in your home, you will always be worried about their wellbeing. Hence, at Group Orbit, we aim to help you with this issue on a granular level. With the technologies continually advancing, we bring you smart home automation strategies to help you simplify your daily movements.

We understand how the safety of your loved ones is your priority. So, we bring you a plethora of home automation systems Surrey with exciting layouts that can help you to leave your paradise in complete freedom.

With our smart automation facilities, you can manage your entire property all in one click. With the simplest integration, we offer you the broadest range of security systems in the market.

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We like to provide you with our expertise and fully functional products with the highest support and excellent prices.

Introduction To Smart Home Automation Techniques

Home automation systems Vancouver refer to electronic and automatic control of household features, appliances, and every activity. It is about controlling every part of your home and other features using internet connectivity with a few clicks in layman's terms. At Group Orbit, we offer you smart wireless techniques to keep your beloved ones safe.

Home automation helps you make life more convenient, safe, and even save on your household bills. With the latest technology, you can find quick home automation solutions to manage your home even when you are far away.

Working Principle Of Home Automation

Home automation is a significant network of communication, hardware, and electronic interfaces with internet connectivity. So, each of your devices will have sensors, and you need to connect them to steady internet points like Wi-Fi.

It is essential to connect them to a proper internet connection to access these areas of your home through your smart devices. So, even if you are miles away or at the office, you still get to check up on your loved ones and control others’ access to your property.

Home automation systems Vancouver also help you manage the lights, lock/unlock the front and other doors, and even turn on/off the heat as required. So, our home automation facilities will help you manage every corner of your home, no matter where you are right now.

The three central elements of our home automation system include:


Sensors are responsible for monitoring the changes in temperatures, daylight, or motion detection. Our residential automation services Surrey can adjust these settings and even perform more as per your choices.


These are the devices that help you control the other systems in your home. It can be your personal computer, tablet, or smartphone that you always carry in your hand. It is the one responsible for sending and receiving messages about the current status of the automated features installed in your home.


The last element of the automation system is the actuator. It can be a motorized valve, a light switch, or the motors controlling the entire mechanism.

So, you can refer to this element as the functional unit of the entire system as it is the one that runs on the program installed within the system. You can provide commands, change the settings through a controller, and manage its functionality.

Features Available In Our Home Automation Systems

At Group Orbit, we invested resources in research and development to bring you the latest home automation systems Surrey. This is because we understand how you always want to hire the best services for your family. That is why our team is always aiming to update our systems and offer you excellent products with advanced technicalities. Some of the automation features available for you are:

  • Remote lighting control
  • Thermostat control
  • Fire & carbon monoxide monitoring
  • Appliance controlling systems
  • Home automation security systems with cameras
  • Live video surveillance
  • Real-time text and email notifications
  • Voice-activated control units
  • Keyless entry
  • Digital personal assistant integration
  • Alarm systems, etc.

Among all these systems, you must check out our automated security cameras. So let's give you an overall view of our residential automation services Surrey that can help you keep your belongings safe.